Upgrading to Ansible 2.1 on OSX

I have Ansible installed on a variety of machines – primarily Ubuntu, but also for setting up the virtual machines / servers I use when recording, I also have Ansible installed on OSX.

Up until today I was running Ansible v1.9.1, but then I hit on an issue with my nginx sites not creating properly (for some reason which I did not track down), and decided the best course of action would be to upgrade all the submodules I use as the basis of my playbook infrastructure.

Just to explain this a little further – when I first started using Ansible I would  git clone any interesting repository to my local machine, and then take ownership of that repo into my own project. There are pros and cons to this approach:


  • I could make changes to the repos to suit my needs
  • I knew the repo contents wouldn’t change unless I changed them
  • Everything was very explicit and obvious to new people


  • I created a lot of work for myself

Yeah, ‘busy’ work such as managing an ever expanding list of other people’s projects was not a fun thing. Instead, I switched to ‘importing’ other peoples projects by way of git’s submodules, which works a treat, but there’s a drawback:

Other people have a habit of changing things.

My mistake was to blindly update all my submodules to their latest versions:

This worked fine, but it turned out that some of my tracked submodules now required Ansible 2 to run.

No problem, I thought, let’s just upgrade to Ansible 2.

How naive.

The first mistake I made in this process was to try and update an OSX installation of Ansible by way of using  pip install ansible --upgrade.

Yeah… not so much. Plenty of errors here:

Which is honestly fair enough – this isn’t how I’d installed Ansible originally (my poor grep skills fooled me), and this led me down some dark alleys of trying to manually fudge the upgrade of dependencies I thought were at fault – pycrypto, paramiko, and others.

The command that worked was simple:

Ok, so cool, up to date with Ansible, but the playbook still wouldn’t run properly.

Quite frustrating. I knew I could SSH onto the box, so it was likely not my server at fault.

A simpler Ansible ping command helped a little:

From here I found a helpful github issue which led me to this:

Note the inclusion of:

But this needed a little further help to start working:

After that, the ping and playbook command would run again.



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