Installing Wine 1.9.11 on Ubuntu 16.04

wine-software-that-can-lead-a-man-to-drinkIt should not have been this difficult.

But alas, it has been.

I must have spent 4 or more hours now trying to install Wine 1.9 (though any version would have been just fine after the first few hours), on Ubuntu 16.04 / Xenial.

The reason for all this Wine-ing? SQLYog. It’s by far and away the best MySQL GUI I have ever used, and nothing on Linux comes close. Wine allows me to run Windows software (almost) as though it were a native Linux app. Pretty awesome.

Now, I’ve never had any trouble installing Wine before. I’m almost positive (though it’s always worth doubting my own memory) that I’ve had Wine installed on previous Linux / Ubuntu boxes simply by using the Ubuntu Software Center. Sure, it’s an ancient version, but it does the job.

Things got so desperate that I was in the middle of installing Windows 7 into a VirtualBox VM just so I could run this one single app. And of course, whilst that was installing in the background, I managed to stumble upon a fix.

Anyway, enough background / blather, I’m sure you are only interested in how I fixed this problem.

My Solution

I followed the instruction guide from the Wine docs:

However this constantly threw up errors like:

I knew there was something around the whole x64 / i386 thing going on, and along the way I learned that adding in  :i386 after a package name installs the 32 bit version of the software, should you be on a 64 bit OS.

This led me to trying all manner of variations.

Then I stumbled upon this, which gave a much clearer indication of the missing dependency:

That led me to this StackOverflow thread which got me much further, but not 100% of the way there.

The first command worked a treat:

But the second one needed a little modification:

Fortunately, again, the output was very helpful in pointing me towards the right dependency.

With both of those installing all the bits and pieces, finally Wine installed properly:

Most of the frustration came from me not understanding the output clearly enough to figure out what dependency I was missing.

Some raw output which may help you debug this problem:

wine is not an emulator

But it may make you need a drink.


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5 thoughts on “Installing Wine 1.9.11 on Ubuntu 16.04”

  1. HI, I am very new to ubuntu and linux. I installed lubuntu on my old pc (completely kick away vista). And I am also desperately trying to install wine 1.9.11 in lubuntu (based on 16.04 64 bits) and failed. I saw your wonderful web site that tells a successful install of wine 1.9.11 in ubutu based lubuntu 16.04.
    I used the 1st and 2nd code in terminal and all went well. But when i used your 3rd code it gave me something i wasn’t able to understand at all hence wondering if i have missed something else.
    Below is the copy of output from the terminal:
    sudo apt-get install gcc-multilib libasound2-dev:i386 libgsm1-dev:i386 libjpeg8-dev:i386 liblcms2-dev:i386 libldap2-dev:i386 libmpg123-dev:i386 libopenal-dev:i386 libv4l-dev:i386 libx11-dev:i386 libxinerama-dev:i386 libxml2-dev:i386 zlib1g-dev:i386
    hope to hear from you.\, thanks.
    William Chan

  2. opps sorry something went wrong in copying from terminal.
    The following should be the ouput after runnign your 3rd code:
    william@william-F3P:~$ sudo apt-get install –install-recommends winehq-devel wine-devel
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    E: Unable to locate package winehq-devel
    E: Unable to locate package wine-devel
    william@william-F3P:~$ wine
    No command ‘wine’ found, did you mean:
    Command ‘win’ from package ‘wily’ (universe)
    Command ‘wing’ from package ‘wing’ (universe)
    Command ‘twine’ from package ‘twine’ (universe)
    Command ‘line’ from package ‘util-linux’ (main)
    Command ‘xine’ from package ‘xine-ui’ (universe)
    Command ‘wipe’ from package ‘wipe’ (universe)
    wine: command not found

    my apology.
    William Chan

  3. Hi Sir,
    I finally get the winehd-devel and wine-devel install and your wine installed success sweetly, thank you so much. You rock sir.
    (I follow the steps in “” first then retry your 3rd code., and went well.)
    I am now able to install .exe file sweetly. thank you again.

    William Chan

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