Gotcha: Upgrading To FOSRestBundle 2.0

This is not a huge issue, and likely quite easy to identify and fix. But I’m the kind of person who hits Google before engaging brain, and I didn’t find a direct answer (boo, wake up brain!).

I have, this very evening, decided to try FOSRestBundle 2.0. It’s currently still in development, so isn’t available without a little naughty composer tagging:

    "require": {
        "friendsofsymfony/rest-bundle": "^2.0@dev"

A little tip there – if you use the @dev after your requested version number, you can force through development packages without globally changing your project’s minimum-stability  setting.

Anyway, being that I’ve been coding for the last 12.5 hours, I went with the lazy man’s option of copy / pasting my config from a FOSRestBundle 1.7 installation I happened to have laying around.

        exception_wrapper_handler:  null
            json: ['application/json', 'application/x-json']
            jpg: 'image/jpeg'
            png: 'image/png'

Firstly, I got this:

InvalidConfigurationException in ArrayNode.php line 317:
Unrecognized option "exception_wrapper_handler" under "fos_rest.view"

Which confuses me, as this seems to be the same as what’s in the configuration reference.

Anyway, simply removing that line makes the error go away.

The next error I got was this:

Warning: array_merge(): Argument #1 is not an array
500 Internal Server Error - ContextErrorException

And what this turns out to be is that the mime_types must now all be arrays:

            json: ['application/json', 'application/x-json']
            jpg: ['image/jpeg']
            png: ['image/png']

So there you go 🙂

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