Create a NodeJS API with Koa and TypeScript

Create a NodeJS JSON API using Test Driven Development with Koa, Typescript, and Redis.

Installing Kubernetes (Rancher 2) with Terraform and Ansible

Install a Rancher 2 managed Kubernetes HA cluster with Dockerised Terraform, Ansible, Helm, and more.

From jQuery To TypeScript

Let's migrate jQuery code to TypeScript

Beginners Guide to Back End (JSON API) + Front End Development [2018]

Learn how to build both a Back End (JSON API), and Front End for the modern web.

Beginners Symfony 4 Tutorial

Welcome to Symfony 4. If you're brand new to Symfony in general then this is the place I recommend you start. This is my absolute beginners guide to Symfony 4.

Upgrading From Symfony 3 to Symfony 4

Learn how to upgrade a Symfony 3 application to a Symfony 4 application

Everyday Linux

A selection of ad-hoc videos covering useful commands and techniques for working with Linux, and Linux-like systems (OSX).

Symfony Deployment

Symfony deployment can be challenging. There are many ways to deploy Symfony websites, and therein lies half the problem. Let's find solutions.

Stateless User Impersonation

Learn how to impersonate users as an Admin of a JSON API.

JavaScript For PHP Developers

Learn ES6 and beyond by building on what you already know in PHP

Symfony Events Tutorial For Beginners

Learn how to create and use custom Events in your Symfony applications