JavaScript For PHP Developers

JavaScript For PHP Developers

This series is all about a gentle introduction to modern JavaScript for PHP Developers.

If all you know is PHP, and you'd like to know about JavaScript then this is an ideal starting point.

If you already know a little JavaScript - maybe you're already comfortable with ES5 JavaScript - and you'd like to bring your skill set up to date, then this course has you covered.

If you already know plenty about JavaScript ES6 then in all honesty this one likely isn't for you.

For the rest of us, we will be covering JavaScript ES6 (and beyond) in a manner that's specifically designed for developers with existing PHP skills.

We will look at language features and functions firstly using PHP.

Then we will see how to achieve either the same feature / function using "old school" / ES5 JavaScript. This is possibly the type of JavaScript you think about when you think of JavaScript.

Then we will cover the new and improved JavaScript ES6 syntax.

The end result here is that we will cover (approximately) the same thing, three ways.

I know plenty of PHP developers have no desire to learn or work with JavaScript. That's cool. I'm not forcing you here.

What I will say is that JavaScript can be an extremely fun and enjoyable language to work with. It sure has its fair share of quirks, and there are some potentially new concepts to wrap your head around. But once you're over the initial hurdle, I hope you will find the concepts covered here to be both useful and practical in your day-to-day development activities.

Ok, enough words. To the first video!


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