From jQuery To TypeScript

I have to work with old code, as well as new. And whilst it's super nice to be able to start completely from fresh, using all the latest tools, sometimes I have to work with, and update what the client has already already got.

There are lots of tutorials and examples of using TypeScript from scratch. I haven't seen too many that explore migration from "legacy" to modern.

This is more like what many of us will actually face in the real world.

Join me on my journey to the olden days of jQuery, a greyscale wonderment of yesterday year. Unto today, chromed out, shinier than the shiniest of shiny shoes. Code vejazzaling.

Are you ready to sling some code? Yeeeeeeeeeeee-hawwwwww. Saddle up partners.


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1 Super Mario 12:09
2 How, and Why 17:06
3 Finishing Up 06:10

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