Symfony Access Decision Manager




Yeah, I can’t spell.

I just hit upon a problem whereby I needed my Symfony security voter setup to always deny access even when one of my voters returned an Affirmative.

In this case I want to always deny.

By default Symfony will allow access if at least one voter returns GRANTED.

If you want to know more, check out this video I created about this very problem, and some potential solutions.

Conditional SerializerGroup in FOSRESTBundle

I needed to conditionally add an entry to the list of active Serializer Group entries in a FOSRESTBundle controller action.

Here’s my attempt:

The idea behind this code is to that a Widget should show all of its information to all users.

It should show a summary of related features to all users.

It should show a summary of the related sprocket (one-to-one) to all users.

However, if you are logged in, you should see all the sprocket information, not just a summary.

It seems to work quite well in my use case. Gotta love them sprockets!

A Tweak For ELK On Docker

One annoyance I’ve hit whilst running ELK on Docker is, after rebooting my system, the same error keeps returning:

The core of the fix to this problem is helpfully included in the output:

And on Ubuntu fixing this is a one-liner:

Only, this is not persisted across a reboot.

To fix this permenantly, I needed to do:

sudo vim /etc/sysctl.d/60-elasticsearch.conf

And add in the following line:

I am not claiming credit for this fix. I found it here. I’m just sharing here because I know in future I will need to do this again, and it’s easiest if I know where to start looking 🙂

Another important step if persisting data is to ensure the folder is owned by 991:991 .

Centrifugo Docker Compose Config

Admittedly not likely useful by many, but hopefully will save someone some time in the future.

This is just stuff I found throughout various GitHub tickets that’s good enough to get Centrifugo up and running on