#PHPNW15Nelly Visits the USA

phpnw15 side questBack at the start of October (time flies) I spent the weekend at PHPNW15.

One of the available side quests was to send the PHPNW nellyphant off to unusual locations, in order to win one of 8 licenses for PHP Storm.

Being quite the fan of PHPStorm, the challenge was dutifully accepted.

But what exciting and unusual places could I get Nelly of to within the time frame?

As it happens (and with the help of a very generous relative), I managed to get my Nelly about 4200 miles away!

Amazingly, with America’s ultra-strict airport security, Nelly made it through without having to provide finger foot prints or retina scans.

#PHPNW15Nelly At The Magic Kingdom

php nelly at the magic kingdom
Nelly visits the Disney Princess Castle at Magic Kingdom
Nelly journeys to Tomorrow Land, where PHP7 is already an actual thing (probably)

#PHPNW15Nelly Visits NASA

Nelly harbours ambitions of going into orbit
PHPNelly says “Auf Wiedersehen”, and that was the last time we saw her

If only I could have smuggled myself in to their suitcase.

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