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Tumblr HWIOAuthI recently needed to add in Tumblr social authentication to a Symfony project. I made use of the excellent HWIOAuthBundle, which made the whole process a breeze.

Unfortunately, out of the box, there is no direct support for Tumblr.

However, no fear, as manually adding support in is simple enough.

Follow the installation instructions through to the end of Step 2. At the bottom of the section on Configuring Resource Owners is the option for ‘Others‘.

To get this to work, it’s mainly a bit of back and forth between the Tumblr API docs and your  config.yml file, so let me spare you the time:

The  paths section is interesting.

We must specify at least these three for HWIOAuthBundle to not error out.

What I’m doing here is using a dotted array access format. Kinda confusing sounding, but really what this is saying is :  $response['user']['name'] .

Why the same data for each field?

Well, Tumblr doesn’t return much in the way of account data here.

You can see the full output from Tumblr here:

This is the result of using Symfony’s VarDumper component on line 122 of  PathUserResponse.php .

How did I know to add the  dump($response); statement in there?

Well, we specified in the  config.yml file that we are expecting a User Response to be:

user_response_class: HWI\Bundle\OAuthBundle\OAuth\Response\PathUserResponse

I just opened up that file and added in the dump, using the  $response variable that had been defined earlier on line 113.

There is a little bit of extra config in  security.yml :

Alongside the other HWIOAuth routes, you will need to add in one for Tumblr:

The  oauth_user_provider  service must exist, so here is my definition:

This should work for other social auth providers, with only a little modification. As much as this looks like loads of config (hey, it’s a Symfony project!), it’s actually really pretty easy to add in new social providers. I was pleasantly surprised.


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4 thoughts on “Adding Tumblr to HWIOAuthBundle”

  1. Thank you very much! Tried to do it by myself but I made a little mistake in my definitions, which I was possible to find thanks to your explanations!

  2. Hi, Im new using this Bundle and Im trying to add Google but cant get the data, allways shows me the message “The Controller requires that you provide a value for the “$Response” argument. Either the argument is nullable and no null value has been provided, no default value has been provided or because there is a non optional argument after this one.”. Any idea where could be the issue?

    1. Hi Mike,

      It’s a little tricky to say without seeing some code. Any chance you could show the code for the controller action that’s got this error?



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