How I Fixed: PHPStorm 2016.1.1 Weird Graphical Glitch

Picture the scene: it’s Friday night, it’s half ten, what else would you rather be doing than upgrading some software?

Well, tonight I updated to Ubuntu to 16.04 LTS:


I’ve been thinking about switching to CentOS as of late, but haven’t yet had the time. So when the little pop-up prompted me to update, I figured… heck, why not?

Well, why not – because usually Ubuntu updates cause all kinds of chaos for me. And tonight was no different. Though for once, it was graphic card related.

But it was graphics related.

I also took the opportunity to bump PHPStorm to 2016.1.1, after all this recent hoo-hah about security.

Being somewhat of a chimp, I copied over the newly downloaded files over the top of my existing PhpStorm-10.0.4 directory. Naughty.

Then, when I opened up PHPStorm, it all looked a bit… wrong:

broken-intellij phpstorm-broken-2 phpstorm-totally-broken

Oh yeah, good times.

Figuring I had messed up good and proper, I deleted the entire directory and tried again. Same deal. Oops.

Strangely though, WebStorm carried on working just fine.

I figured maybe it was somehow related to my desktop icon, but alas no, running from the command line also threw a total benny:

I’ve chosen to dump the whole error output here in the hope that it helps with Googling. I couldn’t find much help via Google for this one. Hopefully this saves someone some time in the future.

The Solution

I tried deleting my entire PHPStorm directory and recreating, by unzipping again. But no dice. Same total mess.

I got a bit worried, but the solution was actually really simple.

I unzipped to a new directory, and started PHPStorm using the command line:

And lo-and-behold, it started working again.

Of course, I’ve lost all my plugins, settings, and what-have-you, but that’s a marked improvement from the previous mess.

Hopefully this may help you too.

Just an entire hour of my life I’ll never get back.


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