A Makefile To Run Makefiles

Here’s a small helper thingy that I use to help manage multiple docker-compose setups in production. But this will work with anything that uses Makefiles.

The idea is that I have a helpful Makefile per docker-compose project, as kinda mentioned in this post.

In short, using a Makefile per project allows me to mask away some long winded commands that make kick starting each environment much easier than it may otherwise have been.

The problem is that I have one Makefile per project directory, and some projects have several services. An example might be a project with:

  • www
  • api
  • management console
  • demo site

And so on.

Whilst it’s nice to have one command per service, it does still mean I have to log on to the server, cd to each dir, then run the make start command. And in some cases this needs to be done in a particular order, so that dependant services are up before workers try to connect, and so on.

A better way is to have one Makefile in the project root dir, which then calls the make start command in each sub dir. Something like this:

touch /docker/myproject.com/Makefile
vim /docker/myproject.com/Makefile

    make start --directory /docker/myproject.com/api && \
        make start --directory /docker/myproject.com/admin && \
        make start --directory /docker/myproject.com/www

This way I can now just run one command on the project root dir, and it will take care of calling all the sub tasks that kick start the project.

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