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How I Fixed: (WARN) Define ts-jest config under globals is deprecated.

You know the drill: leave the office for the day on Wednesday, everything works. Open the laptop Thursday morning, errors everywhere. No? It can’t just be me… surely. Well, today’s issue was when I ran my Jest tests, all of a sudden I started to see this: And this kinda tells you what is wrong. … Read more

[How I Fixed]: Warning: You provided a checked prop to a form field without an onChange handler.

Today’s error is likely going to make you want to kick yourself. I certainly felt like quite a wally after realising my mistake. But I do like to blog these as I hope that by doing so, I shame myself into remembering the solution in the future. OK, the error message: It doesn’t massively impact … Read more

Typing req.query In Express With TypeScript

If you’re using TypeScript with Express, you may well hit on TS2339: Property ‘whatever’ does not exist on type ‘RequestQuery’. It’s actually pretty easy to solve. Perhaps more frustrating than anything, as you may well have lots of examples of this problem, especially if migrating an older project from JavaScript, or less restrictive TypeScript, to … Read more