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Relative Dates & Times in PostgreSQL

Recently I have been doing some web scraping in Kotlin, and have now got a regularly updated set of records appearing in my database. An interesting challenge arose when the scraped data was not quite as nice to work with as the web view I was scraping from. With a little front end whizz-bangery, the … Read more

Kotlin Web Scraping Example

Whenever I pick up a new programming language, sooner or later I get comfortable enough with it to want to tackle my favourite / most common personal programming need: web scraping. Recently I have been playing with Kotlin quite a lot, and am now at the point where I have written a few simple web … Read more

Exploring Kotlin Timer timerTask

As part of my post on Kotlin Task Scheduling I had a piece of code that used Kotlin’s timerTask function that I wanted to dive deeper into, but that wasn’t the best place to do so. So, this post is going to cover that off. Here’s the code for reference: And to quickly recap at … Read more

Postgres Standard Deviation [Newbie Guide]

Here’s the problem we are addressing today: you have a set of numerical data returned by your Postgres query. Your numbers look alright, but some very high (or very low) values seem to be throwing things out of whack. What you’d like to do is eliminate the outlying values from your result set, and keep … Read more