[How I Fixed]: Warning: You provided a checked prop to a form field without an onChange handler.

Today’s error is likely going to make you want to kick yourself. I certainly felt like quite a wally after realising my mistake. But I do like to blog these as I hope that by doing so, I shame myself into remembering the solution in the future. OK, the error message: It doesn’t massively impact … Read more

How To Run Only Tagged Tests in jUnit

Recently I’ve started on the Java track over at Exercism. As practically a complete beginner to Java, I am still finding my way around the tooling, and in particular, IntelliJ IDE. As part of the Annalyn’s Infiltration exercise I was provided with 30 failing jUnit tests, where each of the tests is tagged like so: … Read more

Typing req.query In Express With TypeScript

If you’re using TypeScript with Express, you may well hit on TS2339: Property ‘whatever’ does not exist on type ‘RequestQuery’. It’s actually pretty easy to solve. Perhaps more frustrating than anything, as you may well have lots of examples of this problem, especially if migrating an older project from JavaScript, or less restrictive TypeScript, to … Read more

How To Disable smbd In Ubuntu

For reasons that currently escape me, I started using Docker for smbd a while back. I’m not sure if it’s the case by default, but my installation of Ubuntu has samba running as soon as the machine starts up. This conflicts with the Docker container implementation, and as the local samba starts before Docker, that … Read more

Micro Blog in Java on Exercism

The following is my solution to the Micro Blog code puzzle in the Java track on Exercism.org. Exercism Readme Here’s the Readme contents for the Micro Blog code puzzle: Instructions You have identified a gap in the social media market for very very short posts. Now that Twitter allows 280 character posts, people wanting quick social media … Read more