POST Form Handler Implementation

In this video we will configure our Form Handler service using Symfony's standard service definitions. This then allows us to inject the Form Handler into other services that require or depend on it to function properly.

We'll cover a little cheeky tip we can use in Codeception for ensuring your service definitions don't accidentally get changed and break your code in unexpected ways.

With our new services defined, we can go ahead and update our Handler implementation to meet the requirements of the new methods defined on our HandlerInterface.

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# Title Duration
1 GETting Started 17:06
2 GETting Refactored 15:39
3 GET Handled, thin Controllers and fun with Services 17:49
4 Automatic Route Generation 11:32
5 GETting a Collection 12:53
6 POSTing 101 11:24
7 Acceptance Testing our POST Method 05:40
8 Unit Testing our Symfony Form 22:55
9 Implementing and Testing the Form Handler 03:01
10 POST Form Handler Implementation 11:12
11 PUT Introduction 07:34
12 PUT Implementation 15:25
13 Pragmatic PATCH 15:17
14 DELETE'ing Things 03:30