PUT Implementation

By the end of this video you will have a implementation of the PUT verb in your Symfony2 with FosRestBundle project.

As we created a set of tests for the PUT action in the last video, the implementation is pretty simple and straightforward. We know what is failing and as a result, we have a very good idea of what we need to do to make those tests pass.

Once they pass, we are done!

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# Title Duration
1 GETting Started 17:06
2 GETting Refactored 15:39
3 GET Handled, thin Controllers and fun with Services 17:49
4 Automatic Route Generation 11:32
5 GETting a Collection 12:53
6 POSTing 101 11:24
7 Acceptance Testing our POST Method 05:40
8 Unit Testing our Symfony Form 22:55
9 Implementing and Testing the Form Handler 03:01
10 POST Form Handler Implementation 11:12
11 PUT Introduction 07:34
12 PUT Implementation 15:25
13 Pragmatic PATCH 15:17
14 DELETE'ing Things 03:30