Mobile Browser Tests

Disclaimer: This is a bit of a cheat. It's not really testing mobile browsers. Rather, it's testing how responsive web pages behave in mobile browser-like conditions.

In this video I will demonstrate a way that may be good enough for you, depending on how you are intending your website to be used. This isn't proper mobile phone browser testing, instead it is resizing your Selenium-based browser session to view the website in a given set of dimensions, allowing you to test how your website behaves for those screen sizes.

The commands we can use are:



$I->resizeWindow($width, $height)

As I say, this may be good enough for you. It may not. It really depends on your project.

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2 Bootstrapping Codeception 02:09
3 Codeception's Folder Structure 06:43
4 Generating Tests 06:28
5 How to Run Codeception Tests 02:44
6 Our First Acceptance Test 08:00
7 An Alternative Perspective on Acceptance Testing 04:33
8 Acceptance Testing Symfony Forms 08:22
9 Acceptance Testing and Javascript (Part 1 of 2) 07:31
10 Acceptance Testing and Javascript (Part 2 of 2) 08:06
11 An Introduction to Unit Testing in Codeception 04:24
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16 Fast PHP Unit Testing with SQLite Database 10:19
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20 Step Objects and Page Objects 09:35
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23 Running Acceptance Tests Faster With Phantom JS 01:30
24 Mobile Browser Tests 01:18