Fast PHP Unit Testing with SQLite Database

In this video you will learn how to run your PHP Unit Tests in combination with an SQLite database. Whilst we don't get access to the in-memory version of SQLite due to a limitation with Doctrine (at the time of recording), we can make use of a file-based SQLite database, which is still much faster than using MySQL.

If you're following along and are using an Ubuntu linux server, you will need to go ahead and install the required dependencies to get SQLite to work properly, and to help with making our database dump file SQLite compatible.

apt-get install php5-sqlite sqlite3

If you're using another Linux distribution or Windows then Google will likely have the answers you're looking for.

As you'll see in the video, we will need to make a change to our existing codeception.yml file, so here are the pertinent lines to help you through:

                dsn: 'sqlite:app/codecept_data.sqlite'
                dump: tests/_data/dump-sqlite.sql

Then you will need to run the sqlite3 tool to generate a SQLite compatible dump file.

sqlite3 /full/path/to/your/project/app/codecept_data.sqlite .dump > tests/_data/dump-sqlite.sql

Of course, feel free to change any of the file names to your liking.

All the config for Codeception's DB module can be found here.

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