Beginner's Guide To Symfony 3 Forms

In this beginner friendly video series we are going to learn how to use Symfony 3 forms. We will be creating a number of different forms throughout this series, including:

  • a simple contact form
  • how to create, and update Doctrine entities using Symfony forms
  • Symfony form validation
  • re-usable forms using Symfony form types
  • Symfony forms with Bootstrap 3

Working with forms is an extremely common task on most web sites, whether a basic contact form, or complex multi-page wizards, from experience I can tell you that they confuse many a developer. Symfony3's form is one of the most interesting and useful parts of the entire framework, but it can be tricky to use, especially at first.

To get the most from this series, you should have at least a basic understanding of Twig, and Routing, as well as an understanding of Doctrine and entities. Fortunately, these two topics were covered in the previous two tutorial series here on CodeReviewVideos, and this video series builds on the knowledge gained in both to help increase your practical understanding of the Symfony framework.

If you have used Symfony 2 forms before then you will notice that Symfony 3 form syntax has changed - not massively, but there have been changes.

We are going to be making use of Bootstrap 3 throughout this series for styling our forms. This is an incredibly popular front end framework and is something you are likely to see in use on the modern web. Symfony comes with built in support for form styles using Bootstrap 3, along with support for Zurb's Foundation framework also. I'll show you how to configure form styling easily and with the very minimum of effort.

The Symfony form component is large, and there is a lot to learn - if you want to become a true master of the form that is.

However, you really don't need to be an uber-form guru to simply use forms in your project. I will show you how you can achieve a great deal once you know the basics.

The one thing that surprised me the most when using Symfony's form has been its power and versitility. I use the form in my own projects in some unexpected ways - including as a way to accept data in a Symfony 3 REST API.

By the end of the very first video you will have created a contact form using Symfony's form builder, and from there we will move on to working with Doctrine entities, through to validating user submitted data, and more.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, do please leave a comment below the videos, and I will do my very best to help you learn the Symfony form :)


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