Beginner Friendly Hands-on Symfony 3 Tutorial

Learning anything new can feel like doing the 100m hurdles (110m depending on gender, but who's keeping track?). The prospect itself is pretty daunting, even more so if you haven't so much as -jumped- tripped over a shoe since high school.

Keeping the metaphor alive, let's not worry about clearing every single hurdle on the track. At least, not to begin with. Let's just concentrate on clearing that first hurdle.

Getting started is the hardest part. Every concept feels new. Different. Difficult.

But it needn't be.

In this series I will walk you through your first Symfony 3 application.

We won't cover every part of the Symfony framework. But we will cover enough to achieve something interesting and worthwhile.

By the end of this series you will have hands-on experience with:

  • Symfony 3
  • Routing
  • Twig / Templates
  • Bootstrap
  • Symfony Services
  • Guzzle / API interactivity

You will also learn tips for debugging, refactoring, and general Symfony best practices.

This Symfony 3 beginners tutorial series will see you creating a web page that grabs your (or anyone elses) GitHub profile and repository data for display on your own Symfony site.

I encourage you to code along as we go, getting your fingers used to typing out the code. You will learn so much more by approaching the course this way.

Even though we will be making use of GitHub's API for this project, you do not need a GitHub account to complete this course.

Let's get started!


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