Symfony2 Tutorial For Beginners

In this beginner friendly tutorial series we start with installing Symfony 2.7 and then work through each of the major component pieces - from Controllers and Routing, to Doctrine and Forms.

By the end of this series you should:

  • feel comfortable installing Symfony 2.7 on your laptop or desktop
  • understand the basics of how a Symfony application is structured
  • be able to add and modify routes both with and without parameters
  • know how to create, update, and delete data from the database
  • submit and validate data using a Symfony Form
  • have an understanding of how security works and be able to manage users
  • be convinced of the importance of testing!

All that is assumed is that you have an understanding of PHP 5.4 or greater. You don't need to know PHP to 10x code guru level, but rather have used modern PHP in some way and feel comfortable with writing PHP code.

If you're just getting started with Symfony 2.7, or you are thinking of using Symfony2 as the framework for your next project, this is the ideal course to get you up to speed quickly.


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