Removing Existing Items from a Symfony Form Collection

In this video we look into how to remove items (or objects) from our form. In the previous video we saw how to add items to our form collection, so removing them is the next logical step.

As in the previous video, we are also making heavy use of the Symfony Cookbook article, primarily for the JavaScript which it describes.

To make it possible to remove items we need to update our form field definition, specifying that allow_delete is true:

->add('speakers', 'collection', array(
    'type'          => new SpeakerType(),
    'allow_add'     => true,
    'allow_delete'  => true,
    'by_reference'  => false,

(full code sample for the form is here)

The Symfony documentation JavaScript appends a function call to each of our list items which will render out a delete button.

When the delete button is clicked, the list item will be deleted from the DOM.

Nothing actually happens to the underlying data - that is, just by clicking delete, nothing is actually removed - until you submit the form.

Again, quite confusingly, if you were now to submit this form, everything would be fine - but again, nothing would be deleted. Huh? As you will see in the video (6:20), the form would submit and the data would contain the speakers array (in our video example), with the removed item or items no longer submitted back.

We still need to put in our own code to handle the actual underlying deleting functionality.

As such, if you were then to refresh your form, you would still see the data you just tried to delete.

In summary, the Symfony form doesn't really care about how your front end form looks or behaves at all.

You can use JavaScript to add and remove items to and from a collection field type.

When you submit the form data, the Symfony Form Component will not actually update your underlying data in any way. You need to implement that side of things... and so, in the next video, that is exactly what we will do.

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