Walking Through The Initial App

In this video we take a quick walk through of the Contact Form application we will be building in the first part of this series.

Essentially it's a basic contract / support form which allows an end user of our web site to fill in their email address and message, and when they submit the form it will create and send an email off to our awaiting email inbox.

This application is initially very basic. Towards the end of this series we will have expanded further on this application to include a secure members area, where our users are loaded using Doctrine, and our form has pre-populated fields from our user data.

We won't be using any third party code in this series - and specifically not FOSUserBundle. It's key to understand how this all works without simply relying on bundles.

Code For This Course

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# Title Duration
1 Walking Through The Initial App 01:01
2 First Steps 04:31
3 Adding The Contact Form 04:25
4 Submitting Our Form and Sending An Email 05:10
5 Learning A Little More About Forms 05:34
6 A Different Way To Handle POST 03:55
7 One Quick Way To Style A Form 02:48
8 Creating A Members Only Support Form 04:29
9 Creating The Login Form 04:01
10 Configuration In Security.yml 04:30
11 Adding Logout 03:02
12 Registration Form - Part 1 06:16
13 Registration Form - Part 2 07:02
14 Loading Users From The Database 05:10
15 Automatically Logging In When Registering 04:21
16 Restricting Routes To Only Logged In Users 02:56
17 The Fat Controller 07:00
18 Bonus - How To Show A Flash Message On Successful Login, or Failed Login Attempt 07:27