PHPStorm Symfony 2 Plugins

In this video we look at the Symfony 2 plugins available for PHPStorm.

First we go through how to find the plugin and install it.

Then we cover Symfony 2 Clickable Views plugin, and lastly the bigger Symfony 2 plugin.

The clickable views plugin is pretty simple, it gives us a shortcut to ctrl + click (Windows / Linux) or cmd + click (Mac) our twig template paths, which will then load up the related template for us. Sweet.

The Symfony 2 plugin requires enabling per project, especially if you are always starting up new projects like I am.

However, once you have the plugin installed and enabled you do get access to some really cool stuff (not all of it always works however).

Most of the stuff in here is timesaver functionality, requiring a little bit of knowledge of Symfony before it truly becomes useful. However, the code completion is super beneficial, so you should check this out regardless of your level of Symfony expertise.

Code For This Video

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# Title Duration
1 AceJump 01:38
2 Alt Type 00:49
3 Block Select Text 00:26
4 Ctrl / Cmd Return 00:37
5 Ctrl / Cmd Click 01:03
6 Emmet Syntax 00:58
7 Fast Comments 01:13
8 .gitignore 01:07
9 Javascript Libraries 01:11
10 Pubf, Prif, Prof... Say what? 01:10
11 Quick Text Selection 01:25
12 PHPStorm Symfony 2 Plugins 03:41
13 How to Quickly Open Files 01:47
14 Customising Getter / Setter Templates 02:32
15 Changing our PHP Version in PHPStorm 01:43
16 PHPStorm Live Templates Are Epic 07:24
17 Quickly Re-Open Recently Used Files 01:22
18 Clickable Bugs 03:47
19 Better Find and Replace with Regular Expressions 07:19
20 Recover Delete Files / Folders With PHPStorm 03:02
21 Become a Better Developer with PHP Inspections (EA Extended) 03:50