Preview of The App

To keep things as simple as possible, the app I am building is fairly basic. There is just enough complexity to make the app worth downloading and using, but not so much that it would blow your mind and stop you from even starting.

The idea for the app came to me after watching various business-types using Twitter to talk to other business-types.

Twitter is full of 'hours' that have a funky hashtag, and to join in these hours you simply write your message and include the hashtag somewhere.

Yes, Chris, we know how Twitter works.

Ok, so there's all these hours, but knowing about them is half the battle, and then remembering to take part is perhaps the other half.

As such, the app concept is simple:

List all the hours for a given day, and let the app user choose which hours to be reminded about. Then, before that hour begins, a little reminder is given to the app user.

Ultimately, these hours come and go, and so keeping the list of hours updated is all handled by our Symfony2 RESTful API.

To ensure the app is available on as many platforms as possible I have opted to go the hybrid app route, using Ionic / AngularJS to code up the app itself.

Aside from this, there's the business development side of the app - product launch, promotion, revenue, customer feedback, all that jazz.

I hope all this sounds interesting to you - it certainly does to me.