The Editing Process

Note that this video is intended as instruction for CodeReviewVideos staffers to figure out how to do stuff.

There ain't much of use here to most of you, I promise.

About My Videos

To understand the video style I create, please explore the site:

There are many free videos, some examples:

The free videos are the same standard / format / style as the paid videos.

The aim is to be conversational, as though sat next to the video watcher and talking the person through the task.

The videos most typically aim to flow from start to finish. There are typically very few transitions, and no B-Roll. There is most typically just the recorded screen and my voice.

Main Tasks

Typical video editing tasks that I perform are covered in the Demonstration Video.

The most frequent is to remove empty spaces. Most typically I record the video as I talk, keeping the video and the audio in sync.

Sometimes this doesn't entirely match up, so getting the audio to fill the video is another common task.

If the audio doesn't fit the length of the video clip, I will speed up the clip usually no further than 200%. If the video clip still doesn't fill the space, I leave the video playing without audio for that clip.

Removing common unwanted noise - erm, ahh, stuttering, etc - is required. I do my best to keep this to a minimum.

Audio Volume

If you see the audio is clipping, please reduce the volume on the clip until the clipping is removed. Some videos suffer from this worse than others.

Please apply "Smooth Audio Levels" processing to the entire audio clip inside the "Audio" panel on Screenflow.


It is not very common to need a transition.

I use a cross dissolve Screenflow transition. A short example is shown in the demonstration video.


Because the typed text can be harder to read on small devices, I sometimes zoom the video in on important moments

An example can be seen around 2:05 in this video:

Please use your own best judgment in applying zooming. I typically do not zoom in greater than 175%. The screen will be recorded at 1280x720 anyway, so the content is usually easily visible on most devices.


You do not need to render the video.

Please download the Screenflow project file to your computer, and rename. As an example, if the file was called linux-history-video, please rename:


The date at the end in the format Year Month Day.

Please submit the edited Screenflow file back via the Shared Folder.




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