We're Off To Decouple The Wizard from Oz

Imagine for a second, if you will, that you are the wizard.

And Oz is just one potential implementation.

Imagine you could break a system down in such a way that it was a small subset of individual things in isolation. And that your skill was in combining these things into something a little more meaningful.

And that if you followed a set pattern of architecture, you too, could have a system that behaved similarly.

This is the journey we are starting on with this project. It's more advanced than anything I've covered on the site so far. And it's also where I think you'll find the most benefit once you've got suitably comfortable with the foundation topics.

Ready to explore?


# Title Duration
1 Project Introduction and Overview 21:52
2 We're Off To Decouple The Wizard from Oz 27:45