How To Use Gulp

In this video series we are going to take a look at how to use Gulp, a task runner written in JavaScript, to manage our front end build process.

The nice thing about Gulp (and Grunt, and likely some others I am not aware of) is that regardless of what back end system you are using - Symfony, Laravel, Zend Framework, Rails, Django, etc - you can learn how to use Gulp for your front end work flow and transfer that skill set to any future project.

I strongly advise projects of any seriousness to separate the front end from the back end. This can be done by using a RESTful API on your back end (check out my FOS REST tutorial series if unsure how to do that), and whatever technology you like on the front end (AngularJS, Ember, React, etc).

You can use Gulp on any project, and whilst initially perhaps a little confusing, once you have seen how easy and modular each task is in isolation, combining separate tasks together to make a repeatable build process becomes easy as pie.


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