Git Ignore Woes

In this video we will cover something pretty basic - at least, it is basic once you have seen it in action.

This video is all about the perils of misunderstanding the possible outcome of entries in your .gitignore file.

Even though you likely use .gitignore in every single project you create, if you are anything like me, you have likely never taken the time to fully understand what's happening in there.

After all, we are all busy people, and the crazy world of development is super fast moving. Besides, it works right? Who needs the manual?

Well, in this instance I got caught out. I lost about half an hour on this, and want to share this with you so you never have to suffer from this particular problem.

It's not tricky, it's not complicated nor difficult. But it is a head scratcher the first time you see it. And likely, that will be the most inconvieniant time possible.

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