Getting Started with FOSUserBundle

If you project has User accounts, and you want to store those User accounts in a database, then the odds are high that you will do so using the excellent FOSUserBundle.

Without much work on your part, you can have a fully working User management system including:

  • Registration
  • Login / Logout
  • Password reset
  • Profile management
  • Email integration

And quite a lot more.

What may not be immediately obvious is that FOSUserBundle is incredibly popular. With over 3.2 million downloads (at the time of writing), you aren't just cutting a few days off your development time by integrating with this bundle, but you are also getting the benefit of millions of installations worth of experience and bug reports / fixes.

I should likely also mention that FOSUserBundle comes with an extensive set of unit tests. The world of Open Source Software is incredible.

In this series we are going to get started with installing FOSUserBundle into your Symfony2 project, then begin customising and configuring the various settings, options, and templates to achieve what you would likely want in a real world project.

We will customise the styling of the various form templates to enable integration with Bootstrap, Foundation, or any other custom CSS attributes you are using.

You will learn how to edit the various email messages that your Users receive during the registration process, and password resetting procedures.

We will modify the registration form to capture extra data fields, and see how to intercept or hook into the various stages of User registration and management through FOSUserEvents.

You don't need to complete this course in full to start using FOSUserBundle. By the end of the first few lessons you will have a fully functional User management system. You only need to dip into the later videos if you wish to customise or modify something more specific.

This course is aimed at beginners to the Symfony2 framework, and no special knowledge is required to get started.


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