Run PHPUnit Tests Whenever Your Files Change

The immediate key take away from this video is the following script:


while inotifywait -qre modify "$dir1" "$dir2"; do
    make run_tests

Of course this assumes you have a Makefile with a run_tests entry in there. Mine, for example is:

    @docker-compose exec php php vendor/bin/simple-phpunit

Watch the video for a better understanding of this whole process.

A quick note: This method is pretty much no fun for Windows, or Mac users. I believe OSX has a variation of inotify-tools so adapting this method may be possible.

Alternatively, you can use Node / tools like Grunt, or Gulp. For me this is OK if I already have PHP and JS intermixed in the same project. If I have to add JS dependencies solely to run my PHP tests, then I would prefer this option.

Your mileage may vary, and that's a-ok.


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2 Run PHPUnit Tests Whenever Your Files Change 09:25
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