Doctrine Performance Optimisations

In this video series we will look at a number of different ways to improve and optimise any site that makes use of the awesome Doctrine Project.

We will cover how using Doctrine Query Builder can optimise and improve your querying for faster page loads, and less overhead on your database.

We'll look at how changing your database_host parameter may give your site a sudden kick in the pants.

And we'll touch on indexing, caching our queries, using references, and more besides.


# Title Duration
1 Improving Page Load Time With Doctrine Join 03:03
2 Doctrine Extra Lazy Associations 03:47
3 What's In A Name? 00:58
4 Partial Objects - Holy Premature Optimisation Batman 05:05
5 Keeping Hyrdrated 01:29
6 Doctrine Indexes 04:06
7 Doctrine Cache Money 08:11
8 Please Provide At Least Two (2) Written References 04:19
9 Arithmetic Expressions 10:15

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