Docker Tutorial For Beginners

Docker. It's a glimpse into the future of our industry. It's also a bunch of text files and a load of long-winded and awkward syntax.

I like Docker.

I think you will like Docker, too.

In this Docker Tutorial For Beginners, I will show you how I work with Docker. I will show you the short cuts I use, and how you can use mine, and make your own.

There are some fundamentals that we need to learn. I keep them as brief and practice as possible, but please, don't skip them.

This will be a practical introduction. To get the most from this course, please copy along. If anything is unclear, please ask in the comment for the relevant video, I will do my best to help you.

How far you go with Docker is entirely up to you. I will show you a way to run Docker for your Digital Ocean droplets, regardless of whether you are a Fortune 500 company, or a dev in your home office or bedroom.

I use this stuff. I use it in production. I use it for development, and I use it for running automated tests. It works, but it's not painless. Not yet anyway.

I hope you enjoy this course, and you are inquisitive enough to give it a shot.


To complete this course you must have:

Note that this course may / should work on Docker Enterprise Edition (EE), but I have not tested it with Docker EE.


# Title Duration
1 Demo - Docker with Symfony, nginx, and MySQL 01:42
2 Linux Permissions 101 04:13
3 Docker Images vs Docker Containers 09:39
4 Docker, Without Volumes 11:12
5 [Part 1] - Docker Volumes - Bind Mounts 08:21
6 [Part 2] - Docker Volumes - Volumes 09:11
7 Docker MySQL Tutorial 06:54
8 Docker nginx PHP Tutorial 08:38
9 Docker PHP 7 Tutorial (7, 7.1, and higher) 04:38
10 Docker PHP Symfony Tutorial 10:59
11 Docker Compose Tutorial 10:22
12 [Part 1/2] - WordPress and nginx with Docker Compose 06:11
13 [Part 2/2] - WordPress and nginx with Docker Compose 09:29
14 [1/3] - Dockerising FreshRSS (PHP) 13:03
15 [2/3] - Dockerising FreshRSS (nginx) 08:07
16 [3/3] - Dockerising FreshRSS (docker-compose) 11:34
17 Multiple Environments With Docker Compose 07:50

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