Safety First, Safety Second - Snapshots are like Ctrl+Z

In the shortest video I have ever made for CodeReviewVideos, we will cover how to create a Snapshot of our Ubuntu Server, which will become a point in time copy of our Server exactly as it was (i.e. working) before we move on any further.

Even though this video is short, the importance of this step cannot be overstated. Unless you enjoy wasting hours rebuilding your test environment, take regular snapshots before toying with Ansible commands as it doesn't always go swimmingly the first time - especially when you are learning.

If it only takes 11 seconds to show, and can save you ~30 minutes rebuilding... why would you not? :)

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# Title Duration
1 How To Install Ubuntu Server in Oracle VirtualBox 10:21
2 How to Rename our Ubuntu Server 02:00
3 Installing Ansible on Ubuntu Server 00:33
4 Safety First, Safety Second - Snapshots are like Ctrl+Z 00:11
5 Managing the Ansible Inventory Hosts File 02:16
6 Ansible Ad Hoc Commands 04:27
7 Introduction to Ansible Playbooks 02:14
8 Ansible Handlers 01:39
9 Ansible Variables 03:16
10 Git Your Deploy Just Right 05:35
11 Ansible Roles 05:51
12 Looping in Ansible with_items 04:35
13 Ansible Files For Beginners 06:16
14 Variable Precedence - Where To Put Your Role Vars? 04:13
15 Ansible Templates 05:51
16 Ansible Inventory With Our Own Hosts Files 06:57
17 How to Manage Users with Ansible 08:32
18 Ansible Vault Tutorial 03:48
19 Ansible Galaxy Tutorial 10:03
20 Real World Ansible - Common Role Walkthrough 06:20
21 Ansible MySQL Tutorial 13:44
22 Ansible Symfony and nginx 09:37