Symfony3 for the rest of us

Class Constant Visibility

In this video we cover a new feature available in PHP 7.1 - Class Constant Visibility. This gives us public, protected, and pri...


Login - Part 4

In this video we cover how to throw and handle a nicer exception if things go wrong, and how we can get info from our JWT if th...


Login - Part 3

In this video we will write our first Redux Saga for handling user login. Along the way we cover generators, async / await, des...


Login - Part 2

In this video you will learn how to connect your React components to your Redux Store, and how you can then use the dispatch fu...


Nullable Types

In this video we take a look at a new feature in PHP7.1 called Nullable Types, an improvement on a feature added in PHP 7.0.


Shorthand Destructuring

In this video we see how improvements to the list 'function' bring about JavaScript ES6-style destructuring to PHP7.1


Login - Part 1

In this video we are going to start building the Login form. This form uses Redux Form, and on submit, will send an action hear...


Development Environment Setup

In this video we setup our development environment for working with React, Redux, Redux Saga, and Redux Forms. We also add Boot...


App Walkthrough - Developer Experience

In this video we will take a tour through the Login flow, seeing how the React components send messages, how Redux Saga and Red...


App Walkthrough - User Experience

In this first video we take a walk-through of the front end to the application that we will be building.


Customising Your Encoded JWT

You more than likely want to return additional data to users who successfully sign in - data such as their user ID, making life...


FOSUserBundle User Entity Serialization Improvements

In this video we cover a problem where you want to output your FOSUserBundle entity as JSON, only by default too much informati...