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Workflow Events - Part 2 - Custom Audit Trail Listener

In this video we re-implement the provided AuditTrailListener into our own CustomAuditTrailListener, allowing us to log out inf...


Workflow Events - Part 1

In this video we cover the numerous Events that are dispatched whenever we go through a transition. You need to know about these!


Change Password - Part 6 - Avoid Blocking, and Wrap Up

In this video we wrap up our Change Password form implementation, covering a way to run all our error checking in parallel for ...


Workflow Guards - Part 2

In this video we finish up our tour of Symfony's Workflow Guards, covering very specific transition guards, and a way to show b...


Workflow Guards - Part 1

In this video we are getting started with Workflow Guards. Do you need to block a transition for any reason? This is the place ...


Change Password - Part 5 - Adding More Tests

In this video we finish the test-driven implemention of our error helper, which converts errors returned by a Symfony 3 form in...


Change Password - Part 4 - Converting Errors From Symfony to Redux Form

In this video we will create a function that converts errors returned by our Symfony 3 JSON API in to a format compatible with ...


Change Password - Part 3 - Displaying Errors

In this video you will learn how to easily display form errors on your form fields - with nice Bootstrap styles - when using Re...


Your Passport To Freedom

In this video you will learn about Exclusive Choices, Simple Merges, and a whole bunch more. Hey, come back, it's not as dull a...


All I Need Are Your Bank Account Details and Sort Code Number, Madam

Learn how to plan out your Symfony Workflow Definitions, covering a guide to naming Transitions and Places, and learn how easil...


How To: Transitions That Split Into Two Or More Places

In this video we cover how to transition from a single place into multiple places. This is a common requirement - called an AND...


Two Ways To Make Life Easier For You, The Developer

In this video we look at two ways to make our lives as developers more enjoyable when working with the Symfony Workflow Component.