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Password Management - Change Password - Part 2

There's a lot of things that can go wrong with a password change - mismatched passwords, incorrect current password, and so on ...


Password Management - Change Password - Part 1

You want your users to be able to change their passwords. You're using FOSUserBundle, and FOSRESTBundle. Here's how you do it.


Profile - Part 4- Adding PATCH - Happy Path

You may want to allow your User's to only partially update their existing User Profile. In this video we add the ability to do ...


Profile - Part 3 - Updating (PUT) - Happy Path

Our users will want to update their Profile data. In this video we create a Behat test to cover profile updates, and then add i...


Profile - Part 2 - Unhappy Paths

In an ideal world our Users would behave properly. In reality, Users create chaos. We need tests to ensure our system behaves p...


Profile - Part 1 - Happy Path

In this video we will write our Behat feature spec to cover allowing Users to see their Profile via the RESTful API, and also i...


Login - Part 2 - Being Careful of Edge Cases

We know our login happy path works. We also want to cover any goof ups that the end user may (read: will!) make. A few small te...


Login - Part 1 - Happy Path

Logging in - it's pretty important. In this video we cover how to login to a Symfony 3 REST API using JWT (JSON Web Tokens), te...


Setup - Behat

In this video we cover how to add Behat to our Symfony 3 API project, adding the configuration to make testing our API in a BDD...


Setup - Bundles & Config

In this video we are going to take an overview of the code and configuration in place when starting with FOSUserBundle and FOSR...


Course Overview & API Walkthrough

In this video we are going to take an informal look at the RESTful API we will be creating throughout this course.


How can I create a Maintenance Page in Symfony?

In this video we look at a number of possible ways to add a Maintenance Page to your Symfony 2, or Symfony 3 web site.