What does PHP do that Node can't?

Hi Chris / all,

I am going through a bunch of your tutorials here.

When it comes to thje PHP stuff, I wonder why bother switching back to PHP now? What would you say PHP can do that Node can’t?

I made the switch to Node JS a few years ago and aside from Go, I don’t know if I need to switch languages.

Everything I can do in Node, I feel is better in Node than in PHP.

You’re obviously invested in Symfony. Do you ever want to change? Do you see yourself changing languages?

I want to follow along with more tutorials but I don’t want to learn (or switch back to) an out of date language.

IS it worth switching from Node to PHP in your opinion in 2018 and beyond?

Any thoughts welcome.

Hi @zerozeroseven

That’s a great Q. It’s also a Q I get asked a lot. Here’s some thoughts on it:

LMK what you think. Happy to discuss further.