Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I pay?

You can easily pay by most credit or debit card cards. Select whether you want to pay monthly, yearly or opt for a team membership.

How secure are my card details?

All payments are handled securely by Stripe. Your card details will never touch our servers. Stripe follows the strictest PCI requirements, and that's one of the reasons we use it.

What about cancelling my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. There are no tie in periods so if you just want to join for a month that's fine, or leave it rolling so you have access to all of our new videos too. Just drop us an email or use our handy contact form and let us know.

Are any videos free?

We have plenty of free videos you can watch without a membership so please do enjoy those! We can't give them all away for free because of the time and effort that goes into their creation.

Can I upgrade from monthly to a yearly membership?

Definitely. You can do this from within your user area. Alternatively, you can drop us an email or get in touch via the contact form, and we will sort it out for you.

How often do you release new training videos?

Currently there is no definitive schedule set for new training video / course releases. However, an average of 3 new videos per week have been released every week since starting the site in 2015.

Where can I watch the videos?

You can log into the members area from anywhere at any time. Videos can be watched on desktop or mobile.

Any other questions? Please feel free to get in touch via the contact form or email us (all our details on the contact form page) and we'll be happy to help!