What is a Symfony Service?

In this three part video course you will learn what makes up a Symfony Service. We will start with the very basics, creating our first Service using the services.yml file and how to call that Service from inside our Controller actions.

Once we know what a Service is and how they are used, we will look at how Symfony Services can be created for you containing all the extras they will need to function properly. This can be as simple as a parameter - perhaps from our parameters.yml file - right through to other Symfony Services, already created and injected for us, ready to use.

Lastly we will take a look at a way in which we can configure a Symfony Service depending on what environment we are working in. Sometimes, especially during development and testing, it can be useful to have Services that provide us with known responses - perhaps to fake responses from what would be an external API in Production for example - when carrying out our tests.


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