Uploading a collection of things to a FOSRESTBundle API

In this second video we expand on the concept of simply 'uploading' a string representing our file. Now we cover how to upload multiple - or a Collection - of entities each containing a string.

I get a bigger proportion of questions about Symfony's Form Component than any other topic. Most of these are questions that highlight how daunting the form can be for a beginner.

It needn't be.

If you learn just a little bit about the form you will start seeing multiple areas in which it can really improve the quality of your software development. And a happier development usually means a happier team, happier management / stakeholders, and general happiness all round.

And in my experience, the area that gives most people the most trouble is in Collections.

The rest of Symfony's Form Component is pretty easy once you grasp this concept.

If this is brand new to you, I would recommend you take a look at the walkthrough of a Symfony Form Collection field type I did. What I cover in this video expands on that as a concept.

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# Title Duration
1 Keeping it simple 04:01
2 Uploading a collection of things to a FOSRESTBundle API 09:45
3 Collections of UploadedFile 10:14
4 Collections of UploadedFile - Part 2 : Towards A Better Implementation 09:46