An introduction to Symfony's Translation component

In this video we take a walk-through of what internationalization (i18n) is, how the codes are put together, and how Symfony looks for certain file names to build its translation libraries.

Just to clarify, as this gets asked on many projects where translation is required, no, Symfony's translation component does not magically know how to convert your text from English to German, French to Italian, Japanese to Urdu... you have to provide these translations. Symfony is not the computer from the Starship Enterprise... or more specifically, it is not the universal translator. If only :D

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# Title Duration
1 An introduction to Symfony's Translation component 11:20
2 Putting the locale in your URL 10:36
3 Message Domains - crazy name, simple concept 08:14
4 How to handle Variables in translations 04:53
5 Pluralization - Johnny has 1 apple(s) 05:38
6 New in Symfony 2.5 - Generating new languages from the command line 03:07
7 New in Symfony 2.5 - Debugging Translations using the Command Line 05:16