Symfony Workflow Component Tutorial

In this video tutorial series we are going to cover one of my favourite, and most immediately useful components on offer - Symfony's Workflow Component.

Before going further I want to say a huge thank you to Grégoire Pineau, and of course, Fabien Potencier, along with all the others involved in getting the Workflow Component added to Symfony in 3.2.

The Workflow Component introduces a few new pieces of terminology:

  • Workflows and State Machines
  • Definitions
  • Places
  • Transitions
  • The Marking Store

Amongst others.

As ever when learning about a new piece of Symfony, my personal preference is to first see the concept in action which gives a basis to relate back to in future learning.

With that in mind, we will start by reviewing the amazing demo application created by Grégoire Pineau for his reveal of the Workflow Component at Symfony Live Paris 2016. You can find the code here.

This application visually demonstrates both the Workflow, and the State Machine workflow types.

From here we will dive further into both workflow types in individual projects.

I hope that during watching these videos you start to imagine the many places in both current - and potential future - projects where the Workflow Component could add both structure, and value to your code.

And after watching the videos I truly hope that you feel a sense of confidence in using this component, understanding the terminology, and when, where, and how you can add this component to your projects.


# Title Duration
1 Workflow Component Introduction & Demo 07:11
2 A Simple State Machine Example 09:38
3 Creating More Complex Workflows 07:58
4 Two Ways To Make Life Easier For You, The Developer 04:13
5 How To: Transitions That Split Into Two Or More Places 07:31
6 All I Need Are Your Bank Account Details and Sort Code Number, Madam 07:32
7 Your Passport To Freedom 13:37
8 Workflow Guards - Part 1 05:52
9 Workflow Guards - Part 2 07:12
10 Workflow Events - Part 1 02:34
11 Workflow Events - Part 2 - Custom Audit Trail Listener 05:16
12 New In Symfony 3.3 - Workflow Guard Expressions 03:11

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