What’s New This Week At CodeReviewVideos (2nd December 2016)

This week there have been three new videos.


Firstly, we continue with the Login Journey throughout the React / Redux / Redux Saga app we are building. In this video we cover a fundamental part of the stack – the Action. As we finish up this video, you will have dispatched your first Action.

Ok, but you may be wondering: why should that thrill me?

Because it’s at the heart of how our application will change its state. And that ultimately leads to applications that are many, many times more fun to work with than spaghetti slop.


Secondly, we go from dispatching this Action to handling that Action inside the world of Redux Saga.

This is the sort of stuff that’s absolutely MASSIVE in the jobs market right now. It’s popular for a reason. This will contribute greatly not only to your CV, but to making applications that you are highly more likely to enjoy working on.


And then the final video for the week covers probably the best thing about PHP 7.1 (released today btw):

Nullable types.

This is a major usability fix to a really nice, but largely unusable PHP 7.0 zero : Return types.

It also fixes scalar type declarations (int, string, bool, etc).

In other words, these will now become much more common as more and more migrate their codebases to PHP7.x, and with all these reported speed boosts, why wouldn’t you?

See you all next week 🙂



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