How I Fixed: \Swift_Message::newInstance() not found

I had a recent requirement to overwrite the Mailer  class provided as part of FOSUserBundle.

There’s a protected method in this class as follows:

Seems fairly straightforward.

Notice that PhpStorm sees nothing wrong with this method:

Being the lazy dev, I started by copy / pasting the entire contents of this class to form the basis of my own Mailer  implementation. Cue confusion:

I’ve used this  \Swift_Message::newInstance()  code before, so I know it works. A quick check of the Symfony docs, and the SwiftMailer docs both seemed to confirm that what I was trying to do was correct:

(I checked the docs for Symfony 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4)

I thought it was just PhpStorm being a bit weird, but then I ran my code and saw things like this:

Attempted to call an undefined method named “newInstance” of class “Swift_Message”.

Diving through the code did indeed seem to show no references to newInstance .

Quite odd.

Anyway, sending an email – whilst important – wasn’t super urgent, so I commented out the code and added it to my GitLab issues list.

Whilst browsing Twitter later that evening I noticed:

I then remembered that being hasty to try new and shiny things was probably the cause of my problems.

Sure enough it turned out I’m using  dev-master of SwiftMailer in my project. A quick glance of the changelog:

This looks like the culprit:

Fixing this is really simple:


And as is often the case, when the provided objects / methods are used properly, things do work 🙂

Update – There is already an open PR to fix this in the docs: