How I Fixed: The “https://gitlab.server/api/v3/projects/my/bundle” file could not be downloaded (HTTP/1.1 410 Gone)

Always a fun one when things that were working just fine suddenly break.

In my case, the thing that broke was the composer update command after upgrading my GitLab server to version 11.

And the way in which the problem manifest was as follows:

For clarity, this is a personal / internal bundle that I made and share between a bunch of projects. This bundle lives on my internal GitLab server, and as such, requires a little extra config to work properly.

The solution to this problem, in my case, was to update composer.

Yes, shamefully I was 3 minor versions out of date:

After updating composer:

Everything began to work as expected.

I do love an easy fix. Thanks to all at the composer team, I do still remember life without this tool. And it wasn’t fun.