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I hope you are having a good week so far! Up here in Lancashire it’s cold, dark and windy. Roll on Summer. There’s a few updates to tell you about here at Code Review recently. These include our new Symfony2 course list.

You can now sort through our videos by Symfony2 course or by single episode. It’s entirely your choice, depending on whether you want to sit down and watch a full course, or dip in and out of courses and watch episodes to suit you.

New videos are being added every week for our subscribing members to watch (membership is currently only $14.99 monthly and we also have an annual option too that gives you a discount).

symfony2 course

Recent Symfony2 course additions include:

  • FOSRESTBundle – everything you need to know about this awesome bundle.
  • Symfony2 services – how to create and use Symfony2 services in your projects.
  • REST Authentication – how to secure your API.
  • GIT Goodness – get more out of GIT.
  • Ansible – Ansible is awesome, how to use it for lots of your common tasks.
  • Faker Bundle – let this do your dirty work.

We always welcome Symfony2 course requests, questions and recommendations from our subscribers and we are here to teach and help you become a better Symfony2 developer – whether you are learning for yourself or for a business.

We’re also working on improving the layout and look of the site all of the time, so if you have a suggestion or idea please do let us know. We want this site to be a brilliant place to visit and learn from for everyone.

Free Symfony2 Videos

One last thing! Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel yet? If not make sure you are a subscriber on there so you don’t miss out on any newly published videos. Plus they give you a good idea of how we teach and demonstrate Symfony2. If you like our YouTube channel, you will love being a member of Code Review Videos.

Have a great rest of the week – and look forward to seeing you on the inside!



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