Symfony Getting Started

Symfony Getting Started

In this post we will point you in the direction of some great Symfony getting started videos. On first impressions Symfony can appear really difficult and is easy to get freaked out by. Chris helps take you through different segments of learning Symfony 2, step by step in this series.

You can also visit our dedicated members area for lots more beginners training videos.

Symfony getting started videos

Here are some of our most popular Symfony getting started topics:

In this beginners video, you learn out to set up your development environment in Symfony 2 so that you can begin working on your first project.

Making sense of it all!

In part one, you set up your Linux server that allowed us to install your Symfony getting started essentials. In this second video you will look at the files and folders that were downloaded with the default install and learn what they all mean. It’s a very high level overview, and designed to give you more of an understanding of the ways that the files and folders fit together.

Symfony Bundles

Previously we looked at the default install that you get with Symfony 2. Next you will learn how to set up your first Symfony 2 bundle. The video features routing, a controller and Twig templates.


We looked at a basic controller in the last video with a very basic template. When you put Symfony into practice in real life, you are more likely to use a web framework to help speed up your development. This is where we will use Twitter Bootstrap, which has recently been rebranded to just Bootstrap. Bear in mind that there are other ways to set up Bootstrap and this is the way Chris has had success with.

Backend Database

The previous video showed you some front end Symfony getting started tips with Bootstrap. In the next training video we will look more at the backend, and connecting Symfony 2 to our database. Chris talks you through Doctrine Object Relational Mappers (ORM). It can feel overwhelming as a beginner to learn a new way to interacting with your database, new concepts, configuration, set up and more. Hopefully this video will help demystify what appears at first to be a very complicated way of doing something, and let you see that it is well worth learning.

Symfony 2 Forms

We have looked at Doctrine, which allowed you to create, update and delete entities in your database. In this next video, we look at a corner stone of modern web development – the Symfony 2 form. Symfony 2 has a great form builder. Let’s look at basic forms, how to render them in your templates, how to handle, validate and save submitted form data and how to repopulate a Symfony 2 form with existing data.

Join Us!

In this Symfony getting started post, we’ve looked at a few of Chris’s introductory videos. You can check out tons more beginners and intermediate Symfony 2 tutorials in our members area.

We hope to make learning Symfony something fun and more straight forward than struggling along on your own. Have you got something specific you’d like to learn, a particular struggle or just a question about Symfony? Just get in touch and ask via our contact page. Hope to see you inside!

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