Symfony 2 Tutorial: An Introduction

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Learning Symfony is something Chris has been passionate about for a long time. Back when he first started using it, there wasn’t a great deal of documentation or a useful Symfony 2 tutorial around. Of what there was, much of it was in French.

When you’re in the middle of a real life important Symfony 2 project for a client, learning French from scratch first wasn’t an option.

Chris spent hours and hours learning, working stuff out and becoming the highly skilled Symfony developer he is today. He’s learned through real world projects whilst under pressure.



A promise to teach

During this period, Chris made the promise to himself that once he had completed his current projects, he would create a Symfony 2 tutorial which became a series to help other developers learn the framework, so that they wouldn’t have to go through many of the struggles that he did.

He kept that promise and you can now find a ton of Chris’s training videos on YouTube which receive great feedback, and Chris regularly receives emails of thanks from his 1400+ subscribers that grows every day.

Launching Code Review

A natural progression from the YouTube videos was to launch a dedicated Symfony 2 tutorial website that could be organised into different projects and series, with a small monthly membership fee that allows Chris to put more time and effort into creating training that is really helpful and detailed.

Members can also submit their own requests for future videos if they have something in mind they are struggling with or would like to learn more about.

A very small selection of the many comments have included:

Great tutorials… Looking forward to more advanced topics on symfony… very helpful for developers like me who are new to symfony… Thanks again…

Chris, thank you for putting in the time to do these.  Your videos have been a great help in demystifying Symfony, your examples are great blue prints that bring clarity to this framework.  Much appreciated!

You’re a hero!! 😀 you’ve saved my day!!! great tutorials keep up the good work!

What can you expect from a Code Review Symfony 2 Tutorial?

If you’ve already seen and enjoyed Chris’s videos on YouTube you will already have an idea of how his videos guide you through the process, step by step in smaller segments.

Members of Code Review benefit from watching real world projects that you might have to deal with for your clients. New step by step videos are added weekly that guide you through a new concept or situation.

The next Symfony 2 tutorial and future ones are listed. The range of topics are very exciting for intermediate developers.

Where else can you learn Symfony?

There are a few other tutorial websites out there. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes so have a look around and find what works best you for. We hope you will give our membership a try though!

There is now more and more Symfony documentation (specifically the manual and cookbook which are free on the official website), as well as a couple of books on Amazon. What we will say is that although reading the documentation is useful, there is nothing like watching coding in action and also following along with your own projects, and that’s where Code Review comes in.

What would you most like to see a Symfony 2 tutorial on?

Leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you and how you are getting on with your development projects.

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