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Friday 29th May, Noon GMT

I want to give you a heads up.

The price at CodeReviewVideos.com will be increasing from $14.99 to $24.95 this Friday 29th May at 12:00 Noon GMT.

Subscribe right now and you can lock in at $14.99.

As I write this there are over 130 videos across 24 courses. The Symfony2 for Beginners series is just about ready for upload, and the real world mobile app launch just around the corner…

From Zero to Launch

Symfony2 API + AngularJS / Ionic = TweetHours

I have hinted at this in previous emails, and yesterday I released the teaser video of what’s to come.

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the app preview video.

I am mid-way through building the app I have named TweetHours. This app is fairly simple in concept:

On Twitter there are ‘hours’ that start with a hashtag. Finding a list of these is a little tricky, and remembering to check Twitter at that particular hour is easy to forget. Using TweetHours you can get a full list of ‘hours’ for any given day, and ‘subscribe’ to that hour so you will get a friendly reminder that it is about to start.

This is exactly the sort of non-complex sounding simple app that should take 20 minutes to throw together and then retire to the Bahamas on the profit.

Except, of course, that is nonsense. There have been all kind of fun little bugs to work through:

  • Subscribing to multiple hours that start at the same time should send one alert, not one alert per subscribed hour
  • Each hour recurs once a week, but DateTime’s apparently hate that as a concept
  • How to track which hours a user is subscribed too without creating a big tangled data mess

And many more trails and tribulations that are / were difficult to foresee when dreaming up this idea over a pint of fine ale.

Show Your Working

In true CodeReviewVideos style, I am showing everything.

The code – front end and back end.

The front end is in the Ionic Framework. This is a snazzy SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps using JavaScript that can be deployed to Android and iOS devices.

The back end is being done in Symfony 2.7 (of course!) and FOS REST Bundle. I’ve covered this in quite some depth in the tutorial series, but seeing how it works in real life is much more interesting.

For testing we will be using Jasmine / Karma for the front end, and Behat 3 for the back end.

The business side of things.

For me, the joy of software is to be able to dream up something and then turn that dream into a working *thing* that can be sold at scale.

Getting this app to v1.0 and into the app store is the end goal. But we aren’t finished there.

Once the app is live, I will be reporting back on what’s involved to keep it running.

How many hours will this take of your time?

What kind of support requests do you have to deal with, and how can this be automated or delegated?

And just how much cash is this thing making, as I believe in total disclosure.

Don’t Miss Out

What is already recorded, and what lies ahead is exactly what I wish I had been shown a year or more ago.

If you’re technical and have an entrepreneurial streak, it’s hard not to have thought about mobile apps before.

This is my exact process that goes from an idea to selling in the app store.

Don’t miss out. Sign up now and lock in at just $14.99.

It’s still incredibly valuable information at $24.99, but why pay $10 more each month if you can act now and save yourself $120 over a single year?

See you on the inside!



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