node-gyp rebuild Error on Ubuntu 15.04 with Node 4.x.x

I’m going to start with the tl;dr version:

if you are experiencing this issue, and you have recently installed Node 4.x.x, then this is likely your issue.


Find another package, or use an older version of node for now if you absolutely must use that package.

The Longer Version

I had been trying to install “webkid-react-starterkit@0.3.1” on my Ubuntu dev box for ages last night, and spent a wasted 25 minutes again on it tonight.

The error was staring at me right in the face honestly:

It’s likely not as easy to see here, but on my terminal output, it’s colour coded and it’s rather glaringly obvious:

I went round many houses.

From trying to install contextify globally, to completely reinstalling node, to even getting down to specifying the exact version of the v8 profile I wanted ( npm install v8-profiler@3.6.2-1 ).

Nothing worked.

Anyway, it turns out it’s incompatible with this version of node all along.

NodeJS 4.0.0 only tagged as stable on 8th September 2015, and here I am running 4.2.1.

Buckle in, it’s going to be a wild ride.


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