What’s new this week at CodeReviewVideos? 9th December 2016

I hope you’ve had a fun week full of coding. Have you upgraded to PHP 7.x yet? With the recent release of PHP 7.1, a number of the new languages features are really usable.

This week there have been three new videos, two of which continue the dive into PHP 7.1:

We start off with a look at class constant visibility. As with all these computer science-y sounding things, it initially doesn’t seem that appealing, I’m sure.

However, this is a fairly handy tool to have in your belt. It allows setting private, and protected constants. Not so useful if you only ever add constants to your interfaces, but if you’re a little more liberal with their usage then this ones going to be helpful, I’m sure.


Last week we looked at nullable types – the idea being that functions may either return something, or null. We learned how this also applies to type hinting variables inside function arguments.

In this video on void types, we cover the edge case of what happens when your function doesn’t return anything – and that includes null.


Finally we continue on with the login journey for our React / Redux / Redux Saga front end to our Symfony 3 API back end.

If you’ve ever wanted to get started with React / Redux then I cannot recommend this course to you enough.

One thing that really bugged me when learning React was in how the examples covered the API connectivity. Frequently the way this would be done would be to provide some JSON mock. That’s all good for a small tutorial, but back in the real world, the API part is super important to know, and can be quite tricky to build.

Thankfully we’ve already built the API in Symfony 3, and now we get to see how a modern front end JavaScript application might interact with it. Redux, and Redux Saga have fundamentally changed my approach to front end development, and learning about them will likely make you a more rounded developer. Sharing this with you is an absolute privilege.

See you all next week 🙂



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